How to Thank Your Vendors

Congratulations! You're married! You did it! All those sleepless nights, all the tastings, all the cramps in your cheeks from smiling too much. Hooray!

Your vendors worked hard for you, and of course you appreciate them. They made your day perfect, and foresaw problems (and solved them) before you could notice. They're the real heroes of the day. And you made sure they knew they were appreciated.

The wedding industry is heavily small business-focused, chances are you knew your vendors long before the wedding day arrived. You may have developed friendships with them that will continue long into your marriage. Here are some of the best ways to really say "thank you", while also helping your new friends build their business:

1. Follow their pages on social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all rely on new likes to show potential followers what they may be interested in. When you Like a new page, there's a good chance that a friend of yours will see a suggestion to Like that page too. Businesses are pretty dependent on social media to help spread the word about their services, and if you liked the work they did, make sure you show a little love.

2. Review them. Maybe they use WeddingWire, Yelp, Facebook, or Google+, either way your positive words will make their site more available for views from potential new customers. Your reviews are searchable on Google! So make sure you use common terms that other clients may search for. If you're not sure where to leave a review, ask! Sometimes your vendors will send you a link requesting a review on a certain site. Take the time to share your thoughts.

3. Stay in touch. No matter what that means. Chances are, you know someone who may need that service one day. You don't want to forget who it was or lose their contact information! You already know what they are like, how they work, and what their value is to a client. Keep their contact information close to make it easy to spread the word.

I hope these tips help you appreciate the hard work your vendors have provided for you. This world needs more love and more support for small businesses. And it starts with you!

Happy planning!