Organization Reduces Wedding Planning Stress

After securing the venue and confirming the date, the wedding planning fun begins! There are vendors to contact, deposits to make, shopping to do…and the list goes on. Because of the number of moving pieces, people involved and decisions to make, organization is of the utmost importance to keep yourself and your partner sane as you plan the wedding of your dreams.

Professional Organizer Sarah Krivel, of Simpler Surroundings, shares tips to organize three key aspects of wedding planning to reduce stress leading up to the big day.

#1 Work Backward To Create A Timeline

Work backward to put together a timeline of everything that needs to be done. Focus on the big decisions first (dress, catering, floral) and document key dates using a paper calendar, Gantt chart or project management app. Add smaller decisions to the calendar once all of the big decisions are down. Make a weekly habit of reviewing the calendar to familiarize yourself with what needs to be accomplished in the week ahead to stay on track.

#2 Get Things Out Of Your Head

Whenever you have that “I need to…” thought, immediately get it out of your head and onto paper or into an electronic system that you regularly review and take action on. There's no reason for these thoughts to be taking up brain space or energy that can be more productively directed elsewhere. Apps like Evernote are wonderful places to keep lists and reminders. Good 'ol pen and paper also works. No matter what system you use, the key is to ensure everything is in one place and is reviewed regularly - at least weekly - to determine next steps.

#3 Keep Communications Straight

Create a wedding-specific filing system in your email box. Dedicate a folder to each vendor you will be communicating with and file every correspondence in the appropriate folder once action has been taken on it. Create a matching paper filing system either in a binder with tabs or folders to keep contracts and other important documents together. 

Just like in life, not everything will go according to plan. A date may slip or a vendor may disappoint you. Organizing your timeline, reminder system and communications will make it much quicker and easier to regroup and keep moving forward when wedding planning curveballs are thrown.

About Simpler Surroundings: Simpler Surroundings works with individuals, families and businesses to save time and increase productivity by taking control of their homes and offices. We design and implement customized organizing solutions while teaching organizational techniques for physical spaces, paper, digital systems and schedules. We believe that organization is the key to a clear mind and the foundation from which creativity and productivity stem. We are a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the Colorado chapter of NAPO.


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