The Good Guest and the Dance Floor

Have you ever been to an event that included dancing, but almost everyone was sitting? It's awkard. And for the hostess, it's frustrating.

Hostesses spend a lot of time and money on finding a DJ or band, and it is hurtful when guests are so self-consious that the party flops. Dancing is a great way to let loose and enjoy an event! Let's face it, more people are worried about themselves looking silly than if YOU are looking silly. So go be silly! 

If you're intimidated by dancing in public, consider dance lessons. They are fairly easy to come by, and you can usually learn how to be confident as well as smooth. Not interested in that either? Try a Zumba class. Not only is it a workout (to get you ready for that outift you picked out!) but you will also learn some new moves as well. It's in a large group of awkward people anyway so you will fit right in! Still not interested? Check out this video.

Now you're ready to bust a move what comes next? Choose someone from the sidelines who is watching intently, and invite them to join you! Better yet, invite the hostess to dance with you! The more people are invoved in the festivities, the less likely you are to feel like the center of attention. 

Dance like nobody's watching, right?