The Good Guest and Wearing White

Continuing in the series on being a good guest, I asked my married friends to tell me what their biggest guest faux-pas were. Surprisingly, more than one mentioned this one. 

You may look amazing wearing white (i.e. Kelly Kapur), yet it is not acceptable to wear white to a wedding. The bride is in white to be distinguished from guests, and it is a privilege to be so prominent. Wearing white to a wedding implies that attention needs to be directed toward you, and ultimately more guests will be discussing your outfit choices than absorbing the beauty of the moment.

One bride said, "Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I just think that's bad etiquette." Another said, "when women wear white to the wedding, it's rude. The bride should feel special!"

Alternately, however, many weddings are becoming less traditional. If you are attending a ceremony where the traditional rules may not be followed, I would suggest still erring on the side of caution and attending in prints or colors. After all, it is a celebration!