Tips for Choosing the Perfect Holiday Wine

The classic Thanksgiving feast is a centered around a meat no one eats the rest of the year except in a deli sandwich, and a potluck of sides featuring ingredients ranging from marshmallows to spinach. There is no ideal pairing for this meal, but that is not a bad thing. It allows you to relax, have fun and experiment. What you feel like drinking trumps a pairing every time. Here are a couple of tips that might help:

-Do not choose anything to tannic, aka dry. Turkey has very little fat and a dry wine really needs some fat to soften it and make it pleasurable.

- Sparkling wine is not just for toasting. Take it to the table it complements so many foods.

- Don't always get vanilla when there are 31 flavors to choose from. In the spirit of adventure try something new. Bring a conversation starter -  Albarino, Soave, white Rioja, Grenache, Corvina, to name but a few.

- Splurge a little, but never let your wine overshadow the occasion or vice versa. Open the amazing bottles on a random winter night with no distractions except a fire and a friend.

- Grab a bottle of something fortified to go with dessert and post feasting conversation. Many consumers have only had inexpensive cooking sherry, steer clear of this category for sipping. A quality Madeira, Port, or Sherry will open your eyes to a whole new world of amazing bottles.

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Elizabeth Traylor

Applejack Wine and Spirits