Why a Venue Coordinator Just Isn't Enough

I'm in a lot of local wedding groups full of brides and vendors looking to connect. Sometimes, I see a post like this:

"I don't really need a wedding coordinator, the venue comes with one"

I always sigh and cringe a little when I see those. What most brides don't know is that the venue coordinator is not a catch-all coordinator. Here's why.

1. The venue coordinator's top priority it booking the venue. They spend their days searching for brides needing a beautiful location and setting up tours. They are very skilled at sales pitches to book as quickly and efficiently as pssible. Ideally a vennue will have a minimum of 2 events every weekend during peak season.

2. The venue coordinator's second priority is maintaining the building. They walk around before and after an event to check for spills, stains, and damage, then find someone to repair everything before the next event. They may or may not be present at your event since it is after hours.

3. If a venue coordinator is present at your event, they will be watching for safety and maintenance conerns that may be a violation of your contract.

4. Typically, the venue coordinator is not responsible for guiding guests to the right area, or making sure the cake cutting is at the right time. They are responsible for guiding your other vendors to the loading zones and watching the unloading process.

These points are not at all a dismissal of their work, Venue coordinators work incredibly hard to provide a service and uphold high standards that guests have of a wedding venue. Their top concern is not necessarily YOU.

When a venue cordinator and a wedding coordinator work together, the best possible situation arises. Not only is your event coordinator relieved of watching for any damage to the property, but she also is free to stick to the agreements in your contract, i.e. cleaning up as the party is going on to make sure you and your guests are out of the venue by the appropriate time. The venue coordinator is then free from moving the wedding along and can focus on safety and avoiding damage.

Remember that everyone you hire for your wedding day has a specific service and talent that you are paying for. In order for the day to run smoothly, everyone needs to have the freedom to do their job well while also trusting the other vendors to do their part. 

Happy planning!