Why you should Hire an Event Planner

We live in a Pinterest world, where anyone can plan, design, and execute an event with a few clicks. Anyone can search online for themes, recipes, DIY projects, and invitation ideas. And everyone has the potential to pull off a great party.

What a lot of people forget, though, is that the hostess is usually spending the party in the kitchen heating up more snacks, cleaning up a mess, or decorating instead of getting dressed. The one who plans the party doesn't really get to enjoy it. And that's where a planner comes in.

An event planner can continue to refill munchies, or mop the spilled drink, or pick up trash as the event goes on. The planner has the ability to notice if the ice is melting and can run out to get more without skipping a beat. The planner can adjust the party schedule if the guests are having a great time playing yard games and would rather wait on cake. All while the hostess is chatting with her friends and enjoying the day.

Some hostesses can also choose to have the event planner do more than just day-of coordination. If you're incredibly busy, an event planner can pick up all the decorations, purchase all the food, and put together party favors. All the hostess has to do is choose a theme, a budget, and then show up!

Money does become a factor, however. Some event planners charge a pretty penny to provide such a service. This is one of those instances where shopping around can be beneficial. Hostesses should also consider how valuable the experience of the celebration is as well. Is the cost of peace of mind worth the expense? For many, it is!